Current Projects

The Cres-Lošinj (Croatia) Marine Protected Area

Blue World, Croatia, is involved in the development of the Cres-Lošinj MPA, the first such area for dolphins in the entire Mediterranean. Blue World supports permanent protection of this area through support of the process of transparent public participation and establishment for the local protected area management institution.

The Adriatic Dolphin Project, Lošinj and Vis, Croatia 

The aim of this project is research of population ecology, genetics, acoustics and habitats of bottlenose dolphins and other Cetacean species of the Adriatic and conservation biology and their population and habitat modelling. ADP, since its start, has been one of the examples of best practice of successful integration of scientific research with practical conservation of one endangered species and its habitat.

The Sargasso Sea Alliance

The Sargasso Sea Alliance is a partnership led by the Government of Bermuda, in collaboration with scientists, international marine conservation groups and private donors, who all share a vision of protecting the unique and vulnerable ocean ecosystem of the Sargasso Sea. Their aim is to mobilize support from a wide variety of national and international organizations and governments to ensure legal protection for this critical ecosystem and to provide insights for the establishment of other Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on the high seas.

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Deep Sea Conservation

The DSCC was founded in 2004, to address the issue of bottom trawling on the high seas in the absence of an effective governance regime. The coalition is made up of over 70 non-governmental organisations (NGOs), fishers organisations and law and policy institutes, all committed to protecting the deep sea.

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